“It not financially viable to re open closed toilets but if we

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replica bags manila How Labour has pledged to solve Derby city centre’s public toilet woesThe group also wants to push for a new city centre swimming poolIn Derby Labour, Working For You, the group promises to identify businesses willing to open their toilets to the public in the city centre and district centres, such as those in Alvaston and Chaddesden, in return for the council cleaning them.It also wants to provide free household bulky waste collection and boost city centre CCTV coverage.Labour also pledges to push for a new city centre swimming pool.Derby Labour group leader, councillor Lisa Eldret, said: “In our ongoing city centre survey, roads and fly tipping are worries for people but so is the lack of city centre toilets.”It not financially viable to re open closed toilets but if we can get businesses to display stickers or go on a toilet app to allow the public to use their facilities, then for a small cost we can get the council cleaners to clean them.”In its manifesto, Labour has drawn up six key pledges with a series of ways in which they will fulfil them accompanying each pledge.Increase the city centre cleaning resources to deliver an effective seven day a week service Increase CCTV and monitoring in city centre Establish a High Street Helpers team of police, councillors and voluntary sector to provide regular support to people in need in the city centre. Support the introduction of an all year round Safe Space in the city centre to support rough sleepers and drug users. Identify and advertise businesses in the city and in district centres willing to open their toilets for public use in return for the council taking responsibility for cleaning them replica bags manila.

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