He supports charter schools in place of public schools

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cheap canada goose uk He yet to sign the pledge to refuse fossil fuel money during his campaign. He against free public college and wants our education system to remain for profit. He supports charter schools in place of public schools, which literally leech funding from public schools making them worse across the board and creates a dichotomy of good and bad schools based on if you can afford to send your kid to a charter or not, as the public options continue to degrade as charters leech more and more money from them.. cheap canada goose uk

Canada Goose Outlet I like to pay taxes. Omar, this is one of the boldest statements on the concentration camps in China by a Democrat. I only commented becuase I know the tobacco company cherry picked data to prove cigarettes don’t cause cancer and I guess I’m just against cherry picking and blame shifting of any kind! You made a great point! Up vote from me Yes it is surprising! Perhaps the privatization of healthcare causes the prices to be less competitive and thus more expensive? (Kinda like internet in some places where the companies had a “monopoly” I think that’s the term when they own a large part or all of the “pie” per se) universal healthcare would in my mind make a country want to lower the cost in order to make it less of a burden on the budget and also cost less taxes on the people who pay into it (or at least try to in a perfect world, I’m sure everyone would love less taxes haha!) so then private health care providers would be phased out due to costs of free healthcare (free being used very freely, obviously people pay taxes towards it) or maybe only the rich would have access to private health care that was the best money can buy! Honestly I’m not very knowledgeable with why universal healthcare is so cheap so it’s all speculation on my end! Although speculation can be funIn Australia you can get private healthcare which and use private hospitals, which you would think were better Canada Goose Outlet.

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