I had a similar scenario when my dad had an aneurysm

1 point submitted 17 days agoWhen you say you pull with skill, what skill did you use? Did you start with Shield Lob/Tomahawk/Unmend, or did you start with Provoke? After you hit the first enemy, did you use Flash/Overpower/Unleash? What you describe doesn sound wrong, but it is a bit unclear on that bit. Also, do you want before one group is dead before pulling another, or do you pull one group, then wait until it half dead, before pulling the next? The second option is stuttering in your pull and is frowned upon, so I was thinking maybe it was that?Otherwise, I don know, doesn sound so bad to me. The only other thing I can think of is maybe they see you as a level 60+ tank and only in level 50 gear? I don think that an issue though, since I have that problem with an alt in a world with Road to 60.Otherwise, just chalk it up as bad luck.

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