Evidence James Inhofe is delusional:Yeah

Clifford throws a great deep ball but he looked lost after being thrown into the bowl game and still has a long way to go. He doesn fit the Franklin offense mold as well as Stevens. It hard to imagine that Franklin will mold the offense around Clifford skillset if he takes the job at the last minute or mid season.

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buy canada goose jacket cheap Again Christianity is antithetical to the Constitution.The electorate needs to wake up and realize they vote for politicians who are expected to uphold the Constitution. You shouldn vote for delusional Christians like Jack Inhofe who are incapable of upholding the Constitution because their religious beliefs are antithetical to the Constitution.Evidence James Inhofe is delusional:Yeah, I also interpreted as you saying Christianity needs to be outlawed.And I not Christian and never have been, but /u/KerPop42 is absolutely right in their adjacent comment; like any enormous group of people, there are sub groups, shitty people, great people. People who take the best of the Bible (he had a lot of good stuff to say that was very contrasted to the brutality of the times), and people who take the worst of it (Gay conversion therapy, which I agree needs to be outlawed federally and unambiguously). buy canada goose jacket cheap

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