Antetokounmpo has effortlessly captained the East’s most

Our 3/31/19 real time SWE report for the Sierra. Driving could be difficult, especially for those in high profile vehicles, and there is always the threat of wind kicking up clouds of sand and dust. Thankfully, the wet winter may have helped tamp down bare dirt, if not give it some vegetation..

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canada goose clearance The East’s other viable contender, the Milwaukee, boasts the league’s best record, its top point differential and the fewest distractions. Antetokounmpo has effortlessly captained the East’s most efficient attack, and his balanced supporting cast is heavy on useful, complementary pieces and light on ego. Given that the Bucks haven’t won a playoff series since 2001, the question is whether Coach Mike Budenholzer’s systematic approach to offense and defense holds up to postseason scrutiny.. canada goose clearance

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